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Small Business Insight Contributors

Small Business Insight  The concept for Small Business Insight was born out of a group of small business owners in the Hampton Roads area who experience a common need. Having searched for a publication to discuss the countless issues of importance to someone developing a growing company, we finally decided to take the entrepreneurial approach and start our own publication to fulfill that need. We hope Small Business Insight of the Triangle will give area business owners a way to better communicate with each other as well as a forum to learn, develop relationships and share both the difficulties and joys of growing a business. We offer a variety of articles on small business issues as well as profiles of successful local companies. We also wanted to build a community of small business people by offering a variety of networking experiences by which we can all learn from each other.


don-emmettDon Emmett is Managing Director of Entrust Associates, a Raleigh-based firm that specializes in business transactions. Don has more than 30 years of experience in small businesses and related entrepreneurial activities, having served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a principal for a $20 million group of electronic component distribution companies. Since selling his interests in the electronics industry, Don has invested in, helped manage and successfully sold many businesses, crediting some of his business success to “putting himself in the other guy’s shoes.” This credo has enabled him to see sellers from a buyer’s point of view and conversely buyers from seller’s viewpoint.

Todd Bailey, KRB FinancialTodd Bailey is an Independent Financial Planner and owner of KRB Financial , specializing in consulting with small business owners to assist in personal financial planning. Having been a former business owner with employees and a Marketing Consultant to small business owners, Todd has a particular set of skills that cater to the unique needs of owners. Having worked with hundreds of business owners across the Triangle, he has developed a process that is personal and helpful to small business owners in preparing for their financial future. Todd’s perspective comes from having “been there, done that” in regard to business ownership. Prior to small business ownership and consulting, Todd was also business development director for several non-profit organizations during the first 17 years of his career.

Bill Davis Bill Davis is a business coach and owner of Team Nimbus of North Carolina, a small business advisory firm specializing in coaching and training small business owners and sales professionals to grow their businesses to provide them with the resources and time to live the lives they want. In the last few years he has worked with over 600 small business owners and sales professionals, assisting them mastering the client acquisition process in their businesses.  He is also Publisher of Small Business Insight of the Triangle.

*If you are interested in meeting and interviewing the leading small business owners in the Triangle, contact Bill Davis, Publisher at